Shawn Clement

Academy Director

(905) 889-4653 Ext. 448

Shawn is celebrating his tenth year at the Richmond Hill Golf Learning Centre and his 8th year as one of Youtube’s most popular teachers with over 24 million views and over 52 000 subscribers!
Shawn has been teaching golf now since 1986 and will be entering his 30th year as a golf teacher, he loves it more today than he ever has because he gets to come to the office and help golfers greatly improve their games through proper education of their anatomy, internal wiring and simple physics.  Every student comes out feeling that they accomplished something significant and better yet, see, feel and understand what they need to do to get better.
The fact that Shawn can break par from both right hand and left hand allows him to help any kind of golfer, those who play to their forehands as well as their backhands.  His knowledge of anatomy runs deep and has a very large contingent of Doctor and Chiropractor students who constantly validate his teachings.  This is where you need to come to learn a strain free swing that will stay with you as long as you want it to!   Shawn will enjoy showing you how genius like you are with gravity and how your anatomy is perfectly suited for a myriad of tasks, which include golf of course!
This is why our organization of teachers at the Richmond Hill Golf Club and all over the world is called Wisdom in Golf.  We not only have the knowledge, we have the experience both in playing and teaching to apply to your game so that you can achieve some golf wisdom of your own!

What’s in the Bag?

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